Horse dies after being trapped in a collapsed barn

  • A horse has been rescued but another died after a barn collapsed on them in Canada at the weekend.

    The animals were in the barn in Port Hope, Ontario on Saturday (30 May) when it collapsed.

    Fire fighters from Port Hope Fire Department were called to the scene at about 3pm by the owners, who had returned home to find the barn almost flat with the animals inside.

    Trapped inside was yearling called Lucky, who had only been bought a week earlier and Starburst, who had been born in the same barn 22 years ago.

    Starburst was pinned under beams in the middle of the building and Lucky was huddled in a corner.

    Fire fighters supported the roof and used long poles to remove beams and bales of hay and take the pressure off the area around the hroses. Three hours later Lucky was able to escape through a hole in the side of the barn with just minor injuries.

    Starbust died while trapped in the barn.

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