Hit-and-run driver left foal to die in road

  • Hampshire Constabulary is appealing for information after a New Forest pony foal was killed in a hit-and-run accident on 30 November.

    A passing motorist saw the bay filly lying wounded on the road at Sunny Bushes on the B3079 shortly before midnight and called police.

    An agister (forest officer) was dispatched to the scene. He found the foal so severely injured that he put her down immediately.

    Officers believe the offending vehicle was travelling towards Cadnam, near Southampton.

    They found broken-off trim from a Volkswagen nearby.

    Drivers can be prosecuted if they fail to report an accident involving any of the free roaming but privately owned New Forest mammals — ponies, donkeys, cattle and pigs.

    In 2009, cars hit 46 New Forest foals, 24 of which were killed.

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