Hilarious seller returns with unflappable horse and jumping dinosaur

  • A saintly horse in New Zealand has taken the term “unflappable” to a new level.

    Brooksby Heights International owner Karen Teague hit the headlines last year when she shared a hilarious video of her horse Pumba.

    Karen was asked if Pumba, who was for sale, was good with children, so she showed her being put through her paces while kids jumped up and down on a trampoline, played football and drove a trials bike in the same arena.

    Her latest tongue-in-cheek video features skewbald mare Kevin being exercised on the beach by a rider wearing an inflatable dinosaur suit.

    Nine-year-old Kevin is also jumped by the “dinosaur” and ridden alongside a busy road while vehicles blast their horns.

    “Kevin came to me, believe it or not, as a horse who was afraid to be ridden,” Karen told H&H.

    “I decided to re-back her to find out what was missing and help her with those areas. Through this process we developed a remarkable bond with Kevin.

    “There was nothing she would not give a go for us and showing her true beautiful nature, she then extended that trust to all humans who met her.”

    Kevin is for sale, although she had not been advertised before the video was posted online.

    “I had become a little too attached to her but when I was asked by a prospective buyer if she was unflappable, I just thought, ‘Let’s see…’,” said Karen.

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    “Kevin will also be the star of another video we are working on, which is called ‘Seven ways to catch a horse’.”

    Karen added that Pumba had settled into a new home with a “great family” who send her regular updates on her progress.

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