If My Little Ponies were REAL horses…

  • My Little Pony has been enjoyed by generations of young horse lovers. In the latest TV reincarnation of the famous franchise, cutie marks appear on the pony’s flanks when they discover their special talent. But which sparkly steed do you recognise here on earth?

    Twightlight Sparkle

    In My Little Pony land… Twightlight Sparkle is a unicorn who transforms into an Alicorn (a unicorn with Pegasus wings, obviously) and dons a six-pointed star with five smaller stars on her hindquarters because she mastered all her magic abilities when she studied the craft as a filly.

    In the real world… This mare is an elitist in every way. A finely-bred beast originating from one of the county’s top studs, her owner paid a pretty penny to have that stunning head looking over the stable door. She’s the yard overachiever, which every other horse owner looks at longingly as she twinkles across the arena, performing those perfect piaffes and flying changes. One-day event in the pouring rain? No problem. Hunter championship in the mud at the local county show? No problem. Everything she does is performed in style and she will usually return with enough silverware and prize money to pay off the rent bill.

    Rainbow Dash

    In My Little Pony land… Raindow Dash is a female Pegasus pony and is responsible for maintaining the weather and clear skies in Ponyville. She represents loyalty. She is a book worm and loves the Daring Do books.

    In the real world… Most likely the choice of mount for a competent child, she is the consistent companion who you can always rely on to come home with a rosette, but will also teach her jockey to hold on tight. She could be the competition pony, always safe and secure but fast on the turns and always manages to go clear.

    Pinkie Pie

    In My Little Pony land… Pinkie Pie, full name Pinkamena Diane Pie is a baker at the Sugarcube Corner and is known for her social skills and high energy personality. As she is a born performer and a source of many comical moments, she represents laughter.

    In the real world… We’ve all known a Pinkie. The good-looking, big moving horse with so much potential, but just seems to have lost a brain cell or two somewhere a long the way. She jumps for fun, but her bucks are even more hilarious. The impulsion and energy is all there, but rider lacks any sort of control. She can perform each movement with ease but would rather be over there looking at those horses in the distant field than concentrating on the task at hand. The horse you bought to ‘make it’, but sadly has very different ideas about their future.


    In My Little Pony land… Fluttershy is a pegasus and has butterflies as her cutie mark which reflects her role as the animal caretaker in Ponyville. She is both kind and shy, often suffering from anxiety in certain situations.

    In the real world… The sweet youngster that is scared of her own shadow. Convinced that the twig at the side of the road is certainly a monster waiting to pounce, she is far from nasty but lacks confidence.


    In My Little Pony land… Rarity is a unicorn and her name suggests she is rare and beautiful, and she certainly knows it.

    In the real world… She is a stunning show horse, who is forward going and energetic, traits which make her both incredible to watch and hard to ride. Has evented to three-star level but has also won the HOYS hunter class, and has also dabbled in international dressage too. Whilst she often comes away with the supreme sash, she can also throw a HUGE tantrum if she feels like it. She is the the born performer who is is high maintenance yet worth it.

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