H&H tackles DEFRA on passports

  • The government has introduced legislation stating that all horses must have passports by the end of June 2004, but confusion still reigns over the issue.

    On behalf of its readers, Horse & Hound is taking the minister for the horse, Alun Michael, to task over the aspects and outstanding issues relating to the introduction of passports.

    From the nitty gritty details of who has the right to draw up silhouettes, to understanding the reasons behind why a declaration regarding human consumption needs to be completed at the issue of the passport, Mr Michael has said that he will answer as many of our questions as possible.

    We’re currently gathering a list of issues which have most perplexed our readers. For a chance to have your particular point raised, email h&hnews@ipcmedia.com or fax: 020 7261 5429 before 5pm on Monday, 15 December.

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