H&H calls for evidence on FMD

  • Horse & Hound magazine appeals for hard evidence to support the rumours surrounding the FMD outbreak’s origins

    Horse & Hound magazine is joining forces with Farmers Weekly in an initiative to try to get to the bottom of the FMD crisis.

    “In the absence of a government commitment to a public inquiry we would like to invite readers to submit hard evidence to back up – or disprove – the rumours surrounding the origins of the outbreak. We have all heard the rumours, but now we are looking for concrete evidence, such as copies of paperwork,” explained Farmers Weekly Editor Stephen Howe.

    Examples of some of the theories which need to be substantiated includeorders for wooden sleepers in the months before the outbreak and the printing of warning signs later displayed on farm gates.

    Swill fed to pigs, believed to originate from army camp food waste and containing meat imported from FMD-infected countries is believed to be a possible source of the outbreak. Do you have any evidence that this was the case?

    Illegal imports of meat are also implicated. Have any members of the catering trade been offered such supplies?

    A Horse & Hound readerwrote to us claiming that a relative trying to enter Canada last December was disinfected at the airport as officials asserted that Britain had FMD. Have you had this experience ?

    Please write to: Foot-and-mouth Evidence, Room 2018, King’s Reach Tower, Stamford Street, London SE1 9LS. Please remember that we are looking for hard evidence, such as copies of purchase orders, correspondence etc.

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