H&H Ask The Vet: banish winter blues, get weight-wise and cope with serious accidents

  • The latest issue of Horse & Hound’s Ask The Vet is on sale now. With 100 pages packed full of advice from some of the leading equine vets in the industry, you can’t afford to miss it.

    Dreading winter? You don’t have to with our top riders’ tips on how to keep horses in the field all year round and stay healthy. Learn how to banish mud fever and other common cold season problems, plus the scientific reasons why regular exercise is essential for keeping veterinary bills down. H&H Ask The Vet will help you feel prepared for when the temperatures plummet.

    Learn why vets are encouraging owners to worry less about their horse’s losing some weight when it turns cold — and why fattening equines up is detrimental to good health. Plus why pinworm is a growing threat, and how you can reduce the risk.

    ATV waistline

    Read about the miraculous recovery of a dressage horse from kissing spines after several of his vertebrae were found welded together on the operating table. Also discover the pioneering treatment that could transform a headshaker; why limiting food intake increases the risk of gastric ulcers; all you need to know about rib fractures and the little heard of peritonitis, easily mistaken for and just as deadly as colic.

    ATV kissing spines

    Would you cope if you and your horse were involved in a serious accident — perhaps when out hacking or while travelling in a lorry? Be informed with our veterinary tips for the crucial first steps, just in case the worst happens.

    Get the low-down on windgalls — the innocuous swellings that could be an indication of a serious injury — and how to keep your veteran warm, happy and healthy in chilly weather.

    ATV foot balance

    Could the surface you ride on regularly be damaging your horse’s limbs? Lower the risk with our expert advice. Plus all you need to know about locking patellas, viruses, foot balance and pedal bone problems — and lot’s more!

    H&H Ask The Vet is on sale now.

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