Help working equines around the world when you sell your horse with H&H

  • SPANA, the charity dedicated to helping working animals including horses and donkeys around the world, is H&H’s official charity of the year.

    As part of our commitment to help SPANA help working horses, we have added a donation facility to our horses for sale online advert booking system. Every £1 donated by our readers when they advertise their horse for sale will be matched by H&H.

    It’s quick and simple to add a donation when booking your advert online. Simply click on the H&H charity of the year donation option when you get to the ‘enhance your ad’ options (pictured below) and a £1 donation will be added to your basket.


    Anyone who choses this option, will get the ‘Supporting SPANA’ icon (pictured above left) added to their horse for sale advert to illustrate your generosity.

    Book a horse for sale advert

    To find out more about SPANA’s work visit www.spana.org

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