Grooms sign up for representation

  • New initiatives designed to represent British grooms have been well received, according to the organisations that run them.

    Despite apparent duplication between the roles of the British Horse Society’s (BHS) register of grooms and the embryonic British Grooms’ Association (BGA), officials told H&H that they believe the two schemes complement each other.

    “We have been working alongside the BGA and believe we can continue to do so,” said Sam Whale of the BHS. “The projects have slightly different roles and we have tried to ensure there is no conflict.”

    More than 100 qualified grooms have joined the free register set up by the BHS at the beginning of the year (news, 23 November 2006), while the BGA (news, 9 November 2006) has received similar levels of interest ahead of its launch at Badminton on 3 May.

    Read this article in full in the current issue of Horse & Hound (15 March, ’07)

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