Goat rides horse in Canadian tourism video

  • The Canadian province of Newfoundland is luring tourists to the island with a goat-ridden horse. The Newfoundland and Labrador tourist board released a video clip of a pygmy goat riding on the back of a white horse.

    Apparently, film crews for the tourist board spotted the scene while they were filming a separate commercial, and knew they’d found viral gold. Detractors have branded the clip as a fake, but YouTube already has several goats riding horses featured, and the tourist board denies it was a set-up.

    And the horse’s owner, Angie Power, assured Canadian news channels that this is a regular scenario between her Arab mare “Sunshine” and her four companion goats. They frequently climb on board while Sunshine is lying down.

    “The goats like being close to the horse, and when she lies down, they lie on her back,” Ms Power said. “Goats being goats — sure-footed little things — they’ll just stay on and go for a ride round the farm.”

    Sunshine looks to be in a less amenable mood in this 35sec clip, pinning her ears back and bucking until the goat tumbles off.

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