British Eventing sets goals for next four years

  • A review of championships, horse welfare and the standard of events are in the pipeline for British Eventing (BE) over the next four years.

    The organisation released its strategic plan for 2016-2020 last month (11 January).

    One of the aims is to ensure that 100% of events “meet standards” by 2018.

    A spokesman for BE told H&H that the organisation has introduced new “evaluation procedures”, which will come into force for this year.

    A review of talent pathways is also set to take place by March to ensure that they meet the British Equestrian Federation’s (BEF) overall plan.

    The spokesman added this is “unlikely” to affect those already on pathways.

    As well as this, BE will be examining championships, leagues and awards.

    “The purpose of the review is to assess the current opportunities for our members in order to identify any gaps that may exist,” said the spokesman.

    He added that the introduction of the Corinthian Cup (national restricted novice championship) is one recently filled gap.

    Welfare features numerous times in the document and BE, in conjunction with other equestrian organisations, has pledged to “train, educate, promote and reinforce horse welfare at all times”.

    The organisation is also looking at how technology, such as livestreaming, can help the sport reach a wider audience.

    Finance and IT

    BE has said that it will be considering initiatives and ideas along with its stakeholders to help organisers balance their books.

    “Event viability is key to the success of the sport,” said the spokesman.

    “We acknowledge that event holders are facing ever-increasing costs against a backdrop of keeping the sport affordable for the membership.”

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    H&H reported that BE was working on a new strategy to update its “out of date” systems (5 November, 2015) and an upgrade is due to start this month.

    BE’s chief executive, David Holmes, added that there will be a full review of the plans at the end of this year.

    Ref: H&H 11 February 2016

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