Cheers! The Giddy Box proves popular with partying riders

  • A Rice Beaufort trailer has been transformed into a mobile bar by two enterprising Irish sisters.

    Siobhan Reilly, 33 and sister Karan McLernon, 34 spent three months refurbishing the two-horse trailer, which they bought from a dealer last September.

    The trailer, classed as a vintage vehicle as it has no serial number, was chosen for its looks and easy access by the sisters, both of whom rode as children.

    “We were looking for an aesthetically pleasing, versatile vehicle. The Beaufort fits the bill because of its dual access. It is the perfect mobile space,” said Mrs McLernon.

    She has worked in events management for the last 15 years and was looking for a new business project after having her first baby.

    The trailer’s original wooden floor was sanded down, a bar and two fridges installed, one capable of holding 400 bottles of beer, the other 20-24 bottles of wine. There are additional fridges in the towing vehicle.

    “One of the biggest challenges was the hot water system because we had to engineer a system with a pump and a hot water heater,” said Mrs Reilly.

    Coming up with a name for the new enterprise was another headache. They finally settled on The Giddy Box to reflect the bar was in a horse box and the feeling of joie de vivre after a few glasses of prosecco.

    The trailer went to its first wedding three weeks ago, where guests enjoyed a glass of fizz outside the church while the bride and groom greeted guests.

    “We’ve got lots of bookings for the summer including two horse shows, several weddings, a 50th birthday party and a couple of festivals,” said Mrs McLernon.

    “Some people in the horsey world have welcomed the idea of the possibility of having a drink at an event because there’s nothing available at the moment.”

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    This weekend the sisters will be at the Legendary Food Festival in Co Derry serving up milkshakes made from local milk and ice-cream, homemade lemonade and other soft drinks.

    “We try and use as much local produce as possible,” said Mrs Reilly. Behind the bar is Boat Yard Gin made in Co Fermanagh, and Quiet Man Whiskey made in Co Derry was served up at the Derry Music Festival. In winter hot toddies, tea and hot chocolate will be on offer to customers coming up the ramp.

    “This is something we wanted to do for many years. We’re looking forward to getting on the road this summer,” said Mrs Reilly.

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