A horse walked into a bar: Radio presenters recreate age-old joke

  • “What did the barman say when a horse walked into a bar? Why the long face!” We all know the joke, but a pair of radio DJs decided to recreate the absolute groan-worthy jest in real life.

    BBC Radio One’s Scott Mills and Chris Stark are taking part in a 24-hour “Lolathon” to raise money for Comic Relief.

    The pair are on the final stretch of the broadcast, which started at 4pm on Tuesday (14 March) at runs until 4pm today (Wednesday, 15 March).

    In what could be described as a novel twist on musical statues, every time the music stopped they had to crack at least five jokes. By 11.45am on Wednesday, the duo had raised £171,750 through encouraging listeners to donate £3 by texting LOL to 70703.

    The Shetland star of the live re-enactment of the “horse walked into the bar”, who was brought to London from Kent by his listener owner, appeared relaxed and interested as he waited outside the pub ahead of his big moment.

    Around 40,000 people tuned in to Facebook live to watch as Chris led the diminutive equine into a quiet-looking London pub.

    The pony looked unperturbed by his surroundings and his lead role in the punchline, which was met with cheers in the bar and the radio studio, before he enjoyed a treat from Chris.

    “The horse situation that just happened right there might have been my favourite thing we have ever done on Radio 1,” said Chris.

    Fans of the show took the chance to share their own horse jokes and equine puns in the comments section of the Facebook video.

    “A pony walks into the bar and coughs noisily. The bartender says: ‘that doesn’t sound healthy, do you have a cold?’ The pony replies: ‘I’m fine, I’m just a little horse’,” said one.

    Comic Relief strives to make lasting change to improve lives both in the UK and abroad. Among the areas the charity focuses on are disabled rights, stopping elder abuse and South African land rights.

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