Get discounted hats on International Helmet Awareness Day

  • This weekend riders are encouraged to think about safety – on the second annual “International Helmet Awareness Day” (Saturday 9 June).

    The initiative aims to highlight the importance of correctly fitted and up-to-standard safety headwear for riders.

    And on Saturday participating retailers all over the world will be offering discounts on helmets. Forty-five UK retailers are taking part.

    Riders4Helmets – the US-based campaign group behind the day – has teamed up with leading helmet manufacturers.

    Top brands Charles Owen, Champion Hats, Gatehouse and LAS all support the day.

    Riders4Helmets will also be live streaming “webinars” on its website. Videos of the webinars will be posted on the website after the event if you miss the live versions. The web seminars will feature a range of guest presenters including Lucinda Green, as well as US dressage rider Courtney King-Dye, who suffered serious head injuries in a fall, when she was not wearing a helmet.

    “The campaign was founded two years ago as a direct result of Olympian Courtney King-Dye’s accident. The aim is to educate equestrians on the benefits of wearing a properly fitting, secured and certified helmet,” said Lyndsey White of Riders4Helmets.

    “We are proud to dedicate this year’s event to Courtney and also to Dr Craig Ferrell, US equestrian team physician and chair of the FEI medical council, who passed away on 28 May. Dr Ferrell worked with us on the Riders4Helmets campaign for two years and we intend to continue to grow the campaign globally in his honor.”

    The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) supports the day.

    “International Helmet Awareness Day’s aims and objectives are very much in line with those of BETA and we are pleased to offer our full backing,” said BETA’s Claire Williams.

    “Rider safety sits at the very heart of our organisation and, for many years, BETA has worked with key members of the equestrian industry to develop standards and train retailers to fit garments such as hats and body protectors.”

    For more information on participating retailers and times of webinars visit www.riders4helmets.com.

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