Germany dominate French vaulting championships

  • British vaulting squad members Elizabeth Watson, Sarah Watson, Lucy Bell and John McNally travelled to Saumur, France, where they put in a good performance on borrowed horses.

    The British horses had been grounded due to FMD and the riders had been offered horses by the French team instead.

    Elizabeth, Sarah and Lucy, who all vaulted on the same horse, gained qualifying marks for the European Championships later in the year – 6.8, 6.5, 6.4 respectively.

    John just missed out, having performed well on a difficult horse.

    Elizabeth’s mark gained her a place in the second round, where she performed well and finished the competition in 15th place.

    Sarah finished in 20th place with Lucy four places behind, while John was 22nd in the male competition.

    As in the world championship last year, the podium was again dominated by the Germans. They took all three places in the female, and second in the male as well as third in the team competition.

    Final placings


  • 1 – Matthias Lang (France)

  • 2 – Devon Maitozo (USA)

  • 3 – Kai Vorberg (Germany)

  • 22 – John McNally (GBR)


  • 1 – Nadia Zulow (Germany)

  • 2 – Ines Justock (Germany)

  • 3 – Nicola Stroh (Germany)

  • 15 – Elizabeth Watson (GBR)

  • 20 – Sarah Watson (GBR)

  • 24 – Lucy Bell (GBR)


  • 1 – Meaux (France)

  • 2 – Voltage Au Vergne(France)

  • 3 – Muhlacker Pegasus (Germany)

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