GB team rider in trailer nightmare

  • An endurance horse on route to the Golden Horseshoe ride escaped with only minor injuries after the internal partition came loose inside the trailer he was travelling in.

    Former British endurance young rider Rachael Claridge was taking Misty, her 16hh, 13-year-old Arab gelding (pictured – photo by Eric G Jones) to the event in Exmoor when she realised there was a problem.

    “We came off the motorway and as we went round a roundabout I heard banging,” says Rachel. “We stopped in a lay-by to checked Misty was OK and I found the internal partition had come away and was underneath him.”

    In his panic Misty tried to escape through the side door and became wedged over the breastbar.

    “A lorry driver stopped to help us and was fantastic, he blocked off one lane of the dual carriageway and waited till the police arrived – I don’t know who he was but he was marvellous.

    “Eventually we managed to get Misty’s front legs back over the breast bar and unloaded him onto the side of the road where he was given a mild sedative by an emergency vet.

    “Although he had lots of superficial cuts on his head and neck from trying to escape the vet was confident there was no lasting damage.”

    By pure luck Thomas Neane, a rider on route to showjump at Devon County, drove past and realising there was a problem, stopped to see if he could help.

    “Thomas kindly agreed to take me to Curland Equestrian Centre where we had arranged for Misty to spend the night,” explains Rachel. “To our surprise Misty walked straight in and travelled to the centre fine.”

    After spending the night at Curland Misty was pronounced fit enough to travel home, where Rachel reports he is now back in work and seemingly none the worse for his ordeal.

    “He is absolutely fine now, we took it easy for a while but he is entered for the Summer Solstice ride in June by which time the new replacement trailer should be with us.”

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