Free online career advice for freelance grooms

  • Grooms hoping to go freelance can now get free online business and career advice from the British Grooms Association (BGA).

    A new area of the BGA website, “Your Profession — Your Life”, provides free guidance for BGA members. It covers topics such as CV writing, qualifications, working abroad, insurance, and pensions and aims to support both established grooms and newcomers to the industry.

    “There is so much information here — I wish I’d had it when I decided to become a freelancer,” said dressage groom Tracey Ross, who worked for Sandy Phillips at the World Equestrian Games in 2006.

    From the site BGA members can download templates for accounts and freelancer-client agreements.

    There is also advice on tax, wages, managing staff, taking time off for pregnancy and the pros and cons of being self-employed — to ensure aspiring grooms are under no delusions about what the job entails.

    “We want grooms to be treated as professionals, but this means they must behave professionally. Your Profession — Your Life gives a groom all the tools they could need to achieve this and help drive themselves and the industry forwards,” said Lucy Katan, executive director of the BGA.

    For more information visit: www.britishgrooms.org.uk

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