Foal saved from sinking

  • A trapped foal has a narrow escape after rescue services spend three hours freeing him from 16ft of mud

    An inquisitive foal from Bath has been rescued after getting stuck up to his neck in mud.

    When the horse’s owners found him, only his head was sticking out above the mound of mud and he was sinking fast.

    Owners Andrew and Debbie Blake only discovered their horse’s plight after receiving an early morning call to inform them that Murdoch had wandered off.

    Murdoch had wandered into a neighbouring garden at the back of the local rectory in Whiteway – the mud was more than 16ft deep – he had fallen into an area where major landscaping work was underway.

    Avon Fire Brigade were called to the scene. The rescue operation involved one fire engine and one rescue tender, which has hydraulic cutting equipment for rescuing people and animals.

    The rather traumatic rescue operation took nearly three hours and seven firefighters. A local farmer also used his digger to prise Murdoch out.

    Debbie Blake explained: “Murdoch was quiet when we got there. But as soon as he saw us, he whinnied and tried to get out. The more he wriggled, the more he sank in the mud, but they finally got him out.

    “A vet made sure he was alright – Murdoch was put on a saline drip, given antibiotics and had a much-needed clean and wash. Thankfully, he’s now bounced back to health.”

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