Foal savaged by dog

  • The owner of a four-month old Dartmoor foal is offering a reward for information after a savage dog attack in Yorkshire

    A four-month-old Dartmoor foal is recovering after an alleged attack by a Bull Mastiff type dog in its field in Berry Brow, Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

    Owner Andrew Mann has put up a £100 reward to anyone who helps find the dog’s owners and police report that they have received a number of calls in connection with the incident.

    People living close by spotted two youths allowing the dog to chase and bite the smaller of two foals in the field which has a dirt track running alongside.

    It is part of 20 acres usedby Mr Mann, who also keeps three rescued racehorses, two miniature Shetland ponies and three Welsh Cobs.

    The foal suffered injuries to its leg above the knee and has been stabled since the incident.

    The filly is making a good recovery,” said Mr Mann. “And when she is ready to go out again in another couple of weeks, I am going to put Ben, an eight-year-old cob, in the field with her. He is not fond of dogs. The other foal will also be ‘mothered’ in another field by one of my other cobs.

    I’d like those responsible to pay for the vet’s bills,” added Mr Mann, who is concerned about the safety of his other horses. He is also collecting a further four Dartmoor foals this week.

    Anyone with any information about this incident should contact the Huddersfield police helpdesk (tel: 01484 436659).

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