Foal found tiny and scared stars with X Factor singer in photoshoot

  • A foal who was found fly-grazing and struggling to survive last summer has now found herself in the spotlight after becoming one of the stars of a celebrity portrait series by renowned photographer Rankin.

    The photos, taken for the Blue Cross to celebrate the impact pets have on our lives, featured show business supporters of the charity, some paired with their own rescue animals.

    Comedian Jimmy Carr was snapped with his Blue Cross-adopted dog Marnie and Emmerdale actress Emily Head with her rescued kitten Stevie, chestnut filly Emerald was paired with singer Diana Vickers.

    The little pony was just a tiny, scared foal when she was rescued with her mother, and was nursed back to health by the team at Blue Cross. She has now been rehomed with a family in Shropshire.

    Staff reported that Emerald behaved impeccably during her photo session and Rankin was captivated by her photogenic look and laid-back attitude.

    Diana Vickers with Blue Cross foal Emerald by Rankin


    “Emerald was so frightened when she arrived we were so very proud of how far she has come in her training and how well she handled the photo shoot,” said Grace Shayler, training supervisor at Blue Cross.

    Diana Vickers, who rose to fame as an X-Factor contestant in 2008, said she could not imagine life without her pets.

    “My cat Kiki fills my heart with joy and I love her. It was wonderful to take part in a photography project which celebrates the way so many different kinds of pets enrich and bring happiness to our lives and homes,” she said.

    Other famous faces who participated in the shoot included Miranda Richardson (Blackadder, ITV Girlfriends), Anthony Head (Buffy, Little Britain, Girlfriends), Joanna Scanlan (The Thick of It, C4), Michelle Collins (Eastenders) and Issac Hempstead-Wright (Game of Thrones).


    Rankin said: “Pets change our lives. I know mine certainly have and that is why I wanted to join forces with Blue Cross and their famous friends and through this series of unique portraits, inspire people to give back to pets in need for the amazing, enriching and wonderful roles pets play in our lives.”

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    Blue Cross CEO Sally de la Bedoyere said: “We were incredibly excited when Rankin agreed to give up his time to take photos for this portrait series. The images couldn’t be a more fitting and perfect celebration of pets and a clear inspiration of why we need to give back to all those pets in need.

    “The horses, kitten, baby bunny and several of the dogs featured in the portraits were all ones who arrived at Blue Cross in a time of need and we will always be there to give back to pets as they do so much to enrich our lives.”

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