Creative photographer captures horses in new light

  • When thinking about equestrian art, one usually conjures up images of elegant statues of horses, Stubbs paintings and traditional hunting scenes. But a new project is exploring the subject matter in a completely different way.

    Under-Horse, a collection of photographs captured by Lithuanian-based photographer Andrius Burba, pictures horses from underneath a clear glass floor.

    Mr Burba, who has photographed a variety of animals in this way, including, cats, dogs and rabbits, described Under-Horse as his “biggest project so far”.

    “It required a way bigger glass, new solutions, a horse-friendly environment, beautiful brave horses, their helpful owners, lots of heavy equipment and an amazing crew to make this project come to life,” he said.

    “It was a great challenge but the results were worth every second of any struggle.”

    The images of a black, a liver chestnut and a grey, are set in front of a black background and show a striking new perspective of our four-legged friends.

    “I’ve recently found a great interest in taking pictures of various animals from underneath,” said Mr Burba.

    “As I’ve tried it I fell in love with the results and I wanted to show them in the best possible way.

    “I am flattered that I can finally share my work with you.”

    For more information visit www.underlook.org

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    Publisher Riva, who has created books depicting Mr Burba’s cat studies has largely funded the work.

    “Thanks to them the cat photo book has been recently published and soon to be followed by another photo book on dogs,” said the artist.

    “These books can be bought both in Germany or online. Books are in German but the pictures are the ones that count, right?”


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