Foal dies in Surrey after being dumped and hit by car

  • A third abandoned foal in a matter of months in the same part of Surrey has led the RSPCA to warn there may be more.

    The most recent foal was picked up in Roughets Lane, Bletchingly, in Redhill after a collision with a car. The foal, which was named Midnight by RSPCA staff, was emaciated and had been left untethered.

    Despite immediate attention from a vet using a drip and antibiotics the foal died on the morning of Friday August 22. The cause of death was shock and hypothermia, as its injuries from the accident were superficial. A Shetland pony foal found abandoned in June near Eastbourne Road, Blindly Heath, also died.

    This is the third such abandonment of a foal in the same area since a foal, which survived, was found wandering in Chessington on March 1.

    A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “We’re worried there are going to be more. None of them were tied up and potentially they all could have resulted in nasty incidents with motor cars. We strongly urge anyone who can’t cope with a new arrival to call us before just abandoning it. The ‘P’ in RSPCA is for prevention not prosecution.”

    RSPCA inspector, Nicky Thorne, who is investigating the incidents said: “I am extremely worried to see another young horse die after being dumped at the side of the road. I would urge anyone who recognises this foal, or has information about who it belongs to, to contact the RSPCA. The RSPCA’s cruelty and information line is 0300 1234 999.

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