Firemen rescue trapped mare

  • A team of firemen who helped rescue a mare from a ditch will be recommended for an RSPCA award

    Firemen from the Bere Regis station in Dorset saved the life of a chestnut mare after she became trapped in a drainage ditch.

    The mare, Dolly, was stuck in 3ft deep muddy water in the ditch after getting her front left leg caught under the roots of a nearby tree.

    In a two-hour rescueoperation, fire-fighters had to dig beside the bank and underneath the horse to free her.

    Two neighbours provided a JCB and a hydraulic hoist to lift the horse, using the fire brigade’s hoses as strops.

    RSPCA chief inspector Robbie Roberts said: “Everyone was determined to make sure Dolly got out alive.

    “At one point we didn’t know whether she would make it as she was lying in freezing water, which was running along the bottom of the ditch. She wasalso becoming exhausted.”

    Dolly was unable to stand for about 30mins after her ordeal but she is now reported to be making “steady progress”.

    The rescue team involved are being nominated for an RSPCA award.

    “Rescues like this are not easy, so it was a fantastic effort by all concerned, ” said chief inspector Roberts.

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