Firemen rescue trapped horse

  • Firefighters were called to rescuea horse in Kidderminster after it became entangled in support cables in its field on Monday (10 February).

    Molly, a 14-year-old mare, was found in a distressed state, stuck on her back with one of her legs trapped in the thick wire by her owner. Unable to free Molly, her owner called the fire brigade.

    It appears that while enjoying a good scratch on the telegraph pole in her field at Summerfield Molly had managed to get caught up in the cable.

    Under the supervision of a vet, firefighters used special hydraulic cutting equipment to cut through the cables and free Molly’s trapped leg.

    It took around 30mins to free the mare and a further half an hour to get her back on her feet. She was treated for shock by a vet.

    Sub officer Pete Smith from Kidderminster Fire Station told the Kidderminster Express and Star: “She likes to scratch her hind legs against the post but got one of them caught in the supporting cables.

    “Once up she was walking a bit gingerly – but was fine once the vet had treated her.”

    A spokesperson from the fire brigade said: “For us this type of rescue was quite unusual as we are normally called to help extract large animals from ditches or holes. Everyone involved was extremely satisfied with the outcome.”

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