Firemen rescue drowning horse

  • Twenty firemen drag a horse to safety after it falls into a canal in Manchester

    A major operation was recently mounted by a firebrigade in Sale, Manchester, to rescue a horse that had fallen into a canal.

    Barbara Chester had been riding the horse, named Harry Beckham, along Bridgewater Canal when it apparently spooked at an angler’s umbrella.

    The horse fell on top of her into the canal, but Barbara was pulled to safety by an angler and was taken to hospital, according to the Manchester Evening News.

    However, Harry Beckham remained in the water for at least 30mins before the firebrigade from Whitewatch fire station arrived.

    He was very distressed by the time we got there, ” said station officer, Steve Lobodzinski.

    He was up to his shoulders in water and was getting his legs caught in the rubbish in the water. He just wanted to give up.

    “However, we got the boat out, pulled on his reins and used a stick behind him to try to get him to shallow water.

    “He was a big horse, but we were determined to save him.

    “Finally, after about 90 minutes, with the help of some food we managed to get him to put one leg on the side and then got him out.

    “When he reached the bank, all hell broke loose. He went up on his hind legs, so we got help from the centre where he’s stabled nearby.”

    The horse is now said to be recovering from his ordeal.

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