Filly operated on in Martin Clunes documentary Horsepower doing well

  • Beautician Michelle Murray is getting a taste of what it is like to be a celebrity.

    The 24-year-old from South Lanarkshire is becoming used to being stopped in the street and at horse shows by people wanting to know how her filly, Callie, is faring after being seen having an operation on the Martin Clunes documentary, Horsepower.

    Scottish sports horse Cally was just six months old when she was filmed last November having a plate removed that had been inserted three months earlier to help heal a fractured elbow.

    The documentary was shown on ITV 1 at the end of August and since then well-wishers have been wanting to know how she is faring.

    Michelle said: “I’ve had lots of interest from ‘horsey’ people who watched the show. She is doing just fine. You would not be able to tell there had ever been a fracture.”

    The TV crew spent a whole day with Michelle, Callie and the foal’s mother, 15-year-old Amber. Clunes even went into the surgery to watch the operation taking place.

    Martin Clunes was a really genuine, nice guy, natural and comfortable handling the horses,” said Michelle.

    And the equine stars? “They were fantastic,” added Michelle, “and not star-struck at all, with all the cameras and everything.”

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