Feed company to weigh horses for free

  • A feed company is inviting yards to book a free session with its horse weighbridge, to help owners ensure their horse is a healthy weight.

    The Pure Feed Company is offering to visit yards where more than 10 horses are to be weighed on the bridge. Appointments are available in England, Scotland, Wales and can be booked via holly@thepurefeedcompany.com or tel: 07557 971608

    Pure Feed business development manager Holly Reeve will accompany the weighbridge to offer advice regarding each horse’s nutritional needs.

    And following the weigh-in each horse will be provided with a customized diet plan drawn up by Pure Feed’s nutritionist Anna Pyrah.

    Repeat appointments are available to Pure Feed customers only.

    Using the weighbridge will allow owners to keep an accurate record of their horse’s weight.

    The company says fluctuations of more than 15-20kg from a horses optimum weight range — which is calculated according to size, type and work level — can lead to lower performance and indicate underlying health conditions.

    Ms Reeve said: “Keeping horses at their optimum weight can be very tricky, especially if you do not have the facility to measure weight fluctuations on a regular basis.

    “We hope that our Pure Weigh service will help horse owners to understand the nutritional needs of their horses better so that they can feed exactly what the horse needs for better health, and a lower feed bill!”

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