‘Faith in humans restored’ by response after specialist mask stolen

  • A charity said its “faith in humankind” has been restored by donations to replace a pony’s stolen specialist eye mask.

    Beatty, who was rescued by Bristol-based HorseWorld in 2004, can be turned out during the day again, after generous members of the public gave enough money to buy a replacement. The manufacturer has also sent another mask.

    H&H reported last week (20 July) that thieves had endangered piebald cob Beatty’s sight by stealing the mask she was wearing.

    The 12.2hh mare suffers from uveitis, but the material from which the mask is made filters UV rays. Beatty also has sarcoids inside her eyelid, which must be protected from flies.

    She had had the mask for a month before it was stolen, after which she was kept in during the day to protect her sight.

    But thanks to about £200 in donations, and the replacement sent by manufacturers Guardian Mask, she now has a spare, for use if the other needs to be washed or repaired.


    HorseWorld groom Marcus Kearton said: “We are very grateful to Guardian Mask and to the public who responded with donations.

    “Many of our rescued horses have very specific problems that can be difficult to treat and need specialist equipment that can be difficult to obtain.

    “When we found it had been stolen, we were so disappointed but the generosity of our supporters in response to this restores your faith in humankind.”

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    HorseWorld spokesman Amy Williams added that donations had come in after Beatty’s story was made public, some in general towards the charity’s work, others specifically for a new mask.

    She added: “We also had a call from a gentleman that read the article and wanted to help so he researched the address of the company which makes the masks in America and sent them the article asking if they were aware of the theft.

    “He offered to pay for a new one but Guardian said that wasn’t necessary and they would donate one.

    “It’s amazing how a story about thieves who stooped so low can bring out the kindest and most generous of humanity who came together to help a pony in need.”

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