Pony treated with oxygen mask after road accident

  • A pony involved in a road accident was given oxygen via a specialised pet mask.

    The animal was one of two in a trailer being towed by a Mercedes, which was in collision with a Citroen, in Romney Marsh, Kent.

    Firefighters called to the scene, on 3 July, found that members of the public had freed the horses.

    Lydd watch manager Russ Harrison said: “The Citroen was on its side with the driver stuck in the car but members of the public had managed to roll it back on all four wheels and help the driver out. Meanwhile someone else had cut the trailer ties to free the horses.

    “Both horses were visibly shaken; one had lots of little cuts but was quite alert, the second looked in a worse condition with broken teeth and cuts to the front jaw and it was bleeding from its mouth and nose.

    “We administered oxygen therapy until the vet arrived and were told it was the best thing we could have done for the animal.”

    The specially designed pet oxygen masks were given to Lydd fire station this year by Dungeness Power Station, which made a donation to not-for profit organisation Smokey Paws.

    The Citroen driver was initially treated by an off-duty firefighters before the crew arrived, who then gave him oxygen and first aid and “handed him into the care of the ambulance service”.

    Two dogs also in the Mercedes were unharmed, and were given water by firefighters.

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    The crew remained at the incident for another 45 minutes helping the vet set up a drip, while the horses were assessed and treated.

    Smokey Paws is encouraging members of the public or Kent and Medway businesses to make donations so the masks can be available on every fire engine in the county.

    A full set of oxygen masks cost £90, but “every penny counts towards saving pets and animals”, a KFRS spokesman said.

    For more information or to donate, visit Smokey Paws’ website or call 0203 1953892.

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