Facebook fans vote ‘yes’ for Kate Negus’ new competition bridle

  • Julia Andrews, managing director of Kate Negus Saddlery, says that the firm’s Facebook fans helped decide on the design for the new Kate Negus padded competition bridle.

    “We had just returned from Hickstead, and I’d been asked by a number of people for a padded noseband without a crank element,” she said.

    “When people suggest things to you, it’s difficult to know whether their suggestions will have a wider appeal. I put my query on the Kate Negus homepage, and was greeted by a resounding ‘yes please!’

    Six people responded to Julia Andrews’ Facebook post, all with positive comments.

    Prices for the padded competition bridle begin at £120. It is available in cob and full sizes, in both black and chestnut. The browband style, cheek design and cheek size are all selected at time of purchase.

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