Exciting new iPhone app for horse owners now available

  • Stable Mate is an exciting FREE new mobile app that makes it easy to manage your daily equine healthcare regime, stay up-to-date with the latest equestrian news and maximise the fun you can have out riding with your horse, all via your iPhone.

    Produced by Pfizer Animal Health, the app is a really useful organiser and time-saver, bringing all your horse’s records and management requirements together under one ‘virtual’ stable roof. But that’s not all – it also provides Track My Ride, a GPS mapping and exercise planning service, and a news feed direct from Horse & Hound.

    You can keep records for up to six horses on the app. Simply fill in the latest information for each horse’s health routine, including worm control, vaccinations, dentistry and farriery regime. The app then automatically creates a calendar of events, appointments and reminders to make it easy for you to keep your horse’s essential healthcare needs on course, at a glance.

    Your horse’s records can be quickly and easily passed to your yard manager or friends, making the temporary transfer of care very straightforward while you are on holiday. Stable Mate also enables you to brush up on general equine health advice whenever you need to, from tips on pasture management to understanding vaccination protocols and expert advice on worming.

    Track My Ride is a GPS navigation system that allows you to map the route, duration and speed of each ride. It’s a great device for planning and monitoring exercise programmes, you can use it to explore new hacking routes safely and you’ll never have to worry about finding your way back to your lorry or trailer if out hunting or hacking in unknown territory. Details of each ride are stored in a history log and can be easily shared with friends through social media.

    Stable Mate also gives you speedy access to the latest equestrian news, direct from Horse & Hound, to make sure you stay up-to-date with all the important stories in the horse world.

    Paul Blanc, Pfizer’s equine brand manager said: “We have tried to develop an app that is all about the horse and their owner, making it as easy as possible for owners to keep their equine health care on track as well as add to the fun and pleasure with their horse. Stable Mate has well and truly surpassed our expectations. We hope that owners and riders find Stable Mate useful and enjoyable.”

    Stable Mate is available now on iPhone, with Android and Blackberry versions coming soon.

    Download Stable Mate FREE from the iPhone App Store.

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