Eventer seriously injured in cross-country fall undergoes ‘successful’ spinal surgery

  • Eventer Caroline March has shown “drastic improvement” since she was taken to hospital after a fall at Burnham Market on 16 April.

    Caroline was knocked unconscious in the fall, on the CCI3*-S cross-country course, and a statement on her professional Facebook page said she had fractured vertebrae, the implications of which were unknown.

    But an update yesterday (24 April) gave positive news.

    “Things are very much going in the right direction, this evening I am being moved to a ward out of HDU/CC as my vitals are remaining stable,” it said.

    “Since moving here on Tuesday I’ve had difficulty breathing because of my punctured lung and lack of sensation/feeling, struggled to maintain sufficient oxygen levels in my blood so have had to have a lot of oxygen and a blood transfusion, pneumonia infection meaning a serious fever and genuinely have just felt like shit! Who knew taking deep breaths would be so tiring?!”

    The statement added that the spinal surgery was a “huge success and the surgeon has been very pleased with the result”.

    “Because I fractured and dislocated two vertebrae it was quite a process rodding and putting them straight again, however he was delighted with how it went even if it took five hours! and is optimistic for the outcome. I have drastically improved since Wednesday,” the statement said.

    “In the last two days I have made a huge improvement, my temperature has returned to normal, my breathing is improving daily and I’ve started getting agitated which I’m taking as a good sign! I still have no feeling to my legs but I can now feel and use my abs and have been getting random twitches to my legs which I have been told is really encouraging.”

    The statement adds that Caroline knew she was stubborn but has surprised herself in the last week.

    “ If I want to do something I make it happen somehow!” she said. “I just need to be patient, slow and steady is going to win this race.”

    Caroline said visitor numbers are still limited, and thanked all those who had contacted her.

    “The messages I have received have been beyond humbling and really have brought the biggest smile to my face when I’ve been at my lowest,” she said.

    “One person deserves more thank you and love than I could ever give him, taking care of me, my family, friends, talking to consultants and keeping this shit show positive all while dealing with his own worries. I bloody love you.”

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