Equine qualifications: what do you think?

  • Employers in the horse industry are invited to Stoneleigh Park next Wednesday, 27 June, to discuss the equine qualifications currently available.

    Lantra, the sector skills council for the environmental and land-based sector, is hosting the meeting. Lantra aims to review what qualifications are currently available and identify how well those qualifications meet the needs of the equine industry — as well as to identify what improvements can be made in the future.

    Lantra industry partnership manager Lisa Jarvis said, that among the key areas for discussion: “We want to ask what skills and knowledge is lacking from the current available qualifications, what improvements can be made and how can they be made more valuable.”

    Employers across the whole of the equestrian industry are invited to the meeting at Lantra House in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire next Wednesday.

    To register your interest, or to get more information, contact Nanette Pierce (nanette.pierce@lantra.co.uk) or Lisa Jarvis (lisa.jarvis@lantra.co.uk).

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