Equine nutrition conference takes place in Gloucestershire next week

  • Leading scientists and nutritionists will be gathering at the Royal Agricultural College in, Cirencester, Gloucestershire next week to discuss the latest research and developments in equine nutrition.

    The European Workshop on Equine Nutrition — 20-21 September — will focus on nutrition in relation to health and welfare and involves leading researchers, academics, advisors, policy makers and commercial personnel.

    The workshop is designed to bring those working in nutrition together with people who work directly in the feeding and management of horses, to share ideas.

    The main topics covered by the conference include:

    • What is all the fuss about: metabolic syndrome and laminitis
    • Nutrition, colic and gastric ulcers: cause or cure
    • Role of nutrition in weight management and abnormal behaviour
    • Do nutritional supplements have a role to play in the horse’s diet?

    Admission costs £45. To reserve a place email Bridget Hilton on bsas@sac.ac.uk. Or see www.ewen.vet.ed.ac.uk for more information.

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