Equine industry reaction: High court compensation ruling

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    Jason Anthony: underwriter, Oxygen Insurance Managers Ltd

    “We have every sympathy for Miss MacClancy, but accidents do happen and far too often competent proprietors are pursued for compensation, even though they are not at fault.

    “Riding is a risk sport and participants have a duty to themselves; just as riding schools buy public liability insurance, participants can purchase personal accident insurance that compensates without having to prove fault. If riders are more willing to accept the risk of their sport and buy personal accident insurance I believe the need to seek compensation through the courts would be diminished.”

    Graham Cory: chief executive, British Horse Society

    “It is encouraging to hear the judge’s commonsense stance, and that he recognised that the instructor had taken all reasonable steps to minimise risks.

    “This judgement should come as some relief to proprietors for whom the ever-increasing propensity to claim on the basis of alleged negligence has resulted in significant increases in insurance premiums.”

    Julian Marczak: chairman, Association of British Riding Schools

    “I am sorry to learn of the accident, but it is highly reassuring for proprietors of riding schools that this case highlights there is a limit to their vulnerability when such claims are made.

    “Proprietors and their staff have worked for too long in fear of such situations arising. Let us hope we are starting to see a change for the better, with people less apt to pass blame when accidents occur.”

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