Equestrian store Ride-Away launches mobile site

  • Equestrian and country store Ride-Away has launched a mobile website to make shopping easier.

    The site issimple to use, just access www.rideaway.co.uk from any smartphone and you’ll be presented with a list of categories. Select the most relevant and the website will quickly guide you to the area you need.

    “We’re really pleased with our new mobile website,” says Angela Clark from Ride-Away. “We know how popular smartphones are and how many use them as computer substitutes.

    “We’ve designed our mobile site to be easy to navigate, without the need to zoom in and outbetween pages. So many people choose to shop online now, and shopping when you’ve got a few spare minutes but no access to a computer makes sense – we hope people use and enjoy it.”

    To use the mobile website, just visit www.rideaway.co.uk from any smartphone.

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