Protecting yourself, your business and your staff: why the industry’s workforce must be a priority *H&H Plus*

Horse & Hound reports from the first Equestrian Employers Association conference where employers were reminded they can’t choose whether or not someone is self-employed and risk significant penalties if employment status is wrongly applied...

The distinction between being employed and self-employed is out of businesses’ hands and the penalties for getting it wrong are huge, the equestrian industry has been reminded.

The message came as part of a wider discussion on how businesses, employers and the workforce can best protect themselves and thrive in the current climate at the inaugural Equestrian Employers Association (EEA) conference (25 February).

“This isn’t a question that you and your groom decide between you,” said barrister Victoria von Wachter, of 5 Essex Court, who specialises in equestrian law and employment law among other areas.

“It is a question of fact and law that a court will decide [should it get to that stage]. That isn’t a court you want to be going into.”

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