Equestrian centre cafe was infested with rats, court hears

  • The owner of a rat-infested cafe at a Cambridgeshire equestrian centre has been fined £10,500 by Huntingdonshire magistrates.

    Edward Maguire, owner of Manor Farm EC, in Wyton, pleaded guilty to seven hygiene offences and was also ordered to pay more than £3,000 costs.

    The court heard how Huntingdonshire District Council’s pest control supervisor found rat droppings caked on the kitchen floor. Two mummified mice were also found, on the fridge motor.

    In mitigation, it was said that Mr Maguire had co-operated fully and that the cafe was now in an acceptable condition and would be inspected once a month by pest control experts.

    The centre holds regular affiliated and unaffiliated competitions.

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