Emile Faurie Foundation joins up with the British Horse Society

  • The Emile Faurie Foundation — a charity enabling disadvantaged children to learn to ride — has become an independent partner of the British Horse Society (BHS).

    Emile Faurie, who set up the foundation five years ago, said that the aims of the two charities complemented each other.

    “The foundation’s aim of providing opportunities for disadvantaged young people to experience the joy of horses through riding and horse care aligns perfectly with the aims of the BHS,” he said. “Working together we can achieve more than either alone.”

    The BHS created this form of affiliation in March 2009 to enable the society and like-minded independent equestrian organisations to affirm publicly the confidence each has in the other, as well as allowing the independent partner to benefit rom the BHS’s commercial strengths.

    The autonomy of the independent partner is not affected by the arrangement.

    BHS chairman Dr Phil Wadey said: “The foundation’s aims — to show children how enjoyable and fulfilling equine sports and careers can be, and to help them follow their dreams while developing personal and social skills — is one with which the BHS associates itself closely.”

    “The BHS is fortunate to have resources we can share with organisations whose aims are consistent with ours, and whose capacity to make the most of their potential could be enhanced by co-operation,” he added.

    The Emile Faurie Foundation is only the third independent partner of the BHS, joining the Classical Riding Club and National Schools Equestrian Association.

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