‘Most emaciated horse ever seen’ makes full recovery thanks to charity

  • The “most emaciated horse ever seen” by the Horse Trust has made a full recovery following six-months rehabilitation.

    Polly was found with two other mares in a large cornfield near to the M25 in Chalfont St Peter in February.

    One mare was so weak she had collapsed and was unable to stand. She was euthanased. Her companion Penny also had to be put down by the Horse Trust’s vet after a week because she had an eruption of encysted worm larvae.

    polly before and after

    Polly in February

    Jeanette Allen, chief executive of the Horse Trust said Polly’s condition was “so terrible” that only recently “could we be totally sure she would pull through.”

    The mare’s weight had refused to stabilise, but by late July it had reached 466kg.

    “The biggest risk to her was refeeding syndrome. We built her up slowly, moving her from smaller to bigger paddocks. She couldn’t go out with others as she was so frail,” said Jeanette.

    Polly and CharlotteWith her recovery complete, she was turned out with the rest of the herd at the Horse Trust earlier this month (6 August).

    “Every day Polly enjoys from now is a bonus. It won’t be the end of treatment for her, but it is the beginning of her new life. She has been worth every moment of the heartache,” added Jeanette.

    More information on the World Horse Trust

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