Two underweight ponies dumped: RSPCA appeals for owner to come forward

  • The RSPCA is appealing for information after two ponies were dumped in Southampton.

    The two ponies — named Harry and Peanut — were found last Thursday (26 March).

    Harry, an elderly chestnut gelding, and Peanut a young New Forest pony, were left on land off Ringwood Road in the city. They were underweight as they had been left without care for so long.

    Now the charity is appealing for members of the public and horse lovers to help provide any information that might assist it in finding the owners of the ponies.

    RSPCA inspector Penny Baker said: “We would like to know if anybody recognises the ponies or knows the owner.

    “The only clue we have as to who owns these horses is that she is a blonde haired woman known as Jane.”

    “We would really like to ask the strong local equine community if they could assist us in whatever way they can.

    “The older horse, Harry is such a lovely old soul and is at a time in his life when he needs his owner the most. Heartbreakingly it seems he hasn’t received the care he needed.”

    Anyone with information about these ponies should contact the RSPCA Inspector Appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

    If nobody comes forward within 21 days the RSPCA will be able to take Harry and Peanut into possession and rehome them.

    “If they deteriorate to the point that a vet confirms they are suffering before this stage, we will ask the police to take them into possession then we will be able to find new homes for them. We need the owners to contact us urgently,” added a spokesman.

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