Driver wins appeal after clash with riders

  • A millionaire music agent caught in a row with riders using his land has had his prison sentence reduced to community service

    A judge at Lewes Crown Court has reduced a three-month prisonsentence after an appeal from millionaire John Jackson who was found guilty of driving his Ferrari at two young riders.

    A long standing feud over access to bridleways began after John Jackson, a music agent for stars suchas Robbie Williams and Blur moved to Sedgwick Park, a Grade II listed mansion in Nuthurst, West Sussex, in 1996.

    Within a few months of moving in to the property, Mr Jackson tried to stop villagers and riders using the bridlepathsthat crossed his land. He insisted that they had to ask his permission.

    According to reports, Brenda Shaw, a retired disabled teacher, was forced to take civil action after Mr Jackson tried to prevent her reaching her own front door.

    After failing to stop Mrs Shaw gaining access to her property, Mr Shaw focused his attentions on trying to stop riders using the bridlepaths.

    Focus on riders

    In June 2000, Mr Jackson was photographed blocking thepath of riders in his Ferrari. The situation deteriorated further when Mr Jackson revved his car and accelerated before braking a few feet from two children aged six and 10 out riding with their parents .

    He was charged by police with a public order offence and appeared in court in March this year.

    His actions led to a three-month jail sentence, but he was given bail to appeal and a judge at Lewes Crown Court replaced the sentence with a 40-hour community service.

    Judge Charles Kemp said: “Mr Jackson’s behaviour was out of character. He found people on his drive and he acted foolishly. He now regrets his behaviour.”

    Duncan Brown, acting chairman of the Association of British RidingSchools said: “The end result of this case shows that the courts are taking ‘road rage’ incidents against riders very seriously.”

    Mr Jackson and his wife have since moved to a new property in Surrey.

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