Dressage judging? There’s an app for that

  • Would you have given that piaffe an 8 rather than a 9?

    Did Valegro’s extended trot deserve 10s from all five judges?

    Spectators at Aachen CHIO this weekend (17-20 July) will be able to have their say thanks to an app which allows live judging.

    The audience can choose between using the app in “expert mode” — which allows the user to mark each individual movement — or a simpler “standard mode.”

    During the competition, fans can compare their marks with other “audience judges” in the stadium and, at the end, the overall rankings from the crowd will be shown.

    “I can’t wait to see the audience judgment,” said German dressage coach Monica Theodorescu.

    The fans at Aachen are well known for their expertise, so this is really going to be exciting.

    “I’m curious if the audience ranking will be the same as that of the judges.”

    For more information visit www.chioaachen.de

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