Dragon’s Den inventor offers helping hand to horse world

  • Dragon’s Den Toastabag inventor Guy Unwin has been turning his talents to the horse world.

    Mr Unwin started out with a cookware range after receiving a £200,000 investment from Dragon James Caan on the BBC TV show in August 2008, but has since branched out into garden and outdoors equipment.

    His latest effort-saving invention is the H2g0 bag — a collapsible polythene bag that can be filled with water and transported in a wheelbarrow.

    Designed to help fill water buckets and troughs that are far from a tap, the portable water carrier saves endless trips backwards and forwards with heavy, splashing buckets.

    Simply place the bag in the wheelbarrow, fill it up using a hosepipe and wheel it to where it’s needed. Then its clever spout design allows you to tilt the wheelbarrow and pour water directly into a bucket, trough or smaller container.

    Transporting 80 litres of water in one go, the bags will fit in any wheelbarrow and are supplied with a non-slip mat to keep the load securely in place.

    Ideal for when you’re staying away at shows, the H2g0 bag folds to A4 size, making it easy to store and transport.

    • The H2g0 bag costs £9.99 and is available from www.h2gobag.co.uk.

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