Donkey with sarcoid the size of grapefruit treated at Donkey Sanctuary

  • A two-year-old donkey with a sarcoid the size of a large grapefruit has arrived at The Donkey Sanctuary.

    Burt has a large skin tumour on his elbow, which progressed at an “alarming” rate. It is hanging off by threads of tissue and bleeding constantly.

    “Burt’s sarcoid first appeared in December but it was very small and didn’t bleed,” Burt’s owner told the Sanctuary.

    “It didn’t appear to affect him but after a few weeks it suddenly became the size of a golf ball, then a small orange — it bled and it just continued to grow.

    “We made the heart-breaking decision to hand Burt and his friend, Jacko, over to The Donkey Sanctuary at the end of last month, where Burt could be treated by the veterinary team.”

    Vet Elena Barrio from the Donkey Sanctuary said: “This is a very large sarcoid and it is seems fairly aggressive.

    “The treatment will be ongoing but we are hopeful that Burt will make a full recovery and will enjoy spending the rest of his life in our care.”

    For more information visit: www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk/burt

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