Donkey traumatised by savage bulldog attack

  • A donkey in Hampshire has been left wounded and scared after being attacked in its field by an American bulldog.

    The dog, which was off its lead, jumped at 3ft fence into Dickie the donkey’s field, bordering the woodlands of Catherington Lith in Horndean.

    The bulldog attacked the donkey, biting 26-year-old Dickie’s nose.

    Neighbours who saw the attack on 25 October, called to the dog’s owner to get the dgo off.

    Dickie underwent an emergency tracheotomy. His wounds are now healing, but he has been left shaken and runs to his stable every time a dog comes near.

    Owner Linda Pope told local press: “The dog that locked on to my donkey’s nose was trying to bring him down and kill him.

    “If it wasn’t for my neighbours who could see what was happening my donkey would have been killed. I’ve thought about putting him to sleep as he has suffered so much.

    “I’ve worked with dogs for 29 years. I’m not anti-dog but I’m fed up with dog owners who don’t keep them under control.”

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