Donkey stab victim recovering

  • A donkey who was stabbed 12 times at a farm in Wales is making a good recovery — though police are still looking for her attacker.

    Cheeky, a 22-year-old donkey, was found with 12 puncture wounds to her legs, abdomen and neck on Saturday 29 November.

    The donkey was in her stable at Greenmeadow Community Farm, Cwmbran when the attack happened.

    “Cheeky’s doing really well,” a spokesman for Greenmeadow told H&H today (Wednesday 17 December).

    “She’s off her antibiotics now, though we’re still applying wound cream to help them heal. She’s made a really good recovery — we think she’s through the worst of it now.”

    The stable was checked for nails and other hazards, but none were found.

    Nothing like this had happened there before, but the centre has now stepped up security at the farm.

    Cheeky is one of three donkeys at the centre, which are used to help people to learn how to interact with animals. She has been at the Cwmbran farm since 2006.

    Cheeky, who was due to star in the centre’s nativity play, has had to sit out this season’s acting role while she recovers. But the centre are hopeful she will return to full health.

    The donkey is apparently Cheeky by name and nature and although she was “subdued” after the accident she is perking up.

    “She’s not 100% back to her old self but she’s certainly getting there,” added the spokesman. “She’s still a little but nervous but that’s to be expected. She’s mostly fine.

    “Police are still actively seeking whoever did this to Cheeky.”

    Cheeky was injured overnight between 5pm on Friday (28 November) and 7.45am on 29 November.

    Anyone with information is asked to call Gwent Police on 101.

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