Dengie launches new fibre feed

  • Equestrian feed company Dengie has launched a new fibre feed to promote healthy digestion.

    Healthy Tummy” is made from alfalfa – a natural buffer to acidity in the horse’s gut – and includes oregano, cinnamon and ginger, which are believed to be powerful antioxidants, as well as improving the taste.

    Protexin In-Feed Formula” – with prebiotics and live yeast – has been included to aid digestion. It also contains vitamins, minerals and soya oil for slow-release energy and coat shine.

    “There is a lot of evidence to show that low-fibre diets contribute to gastric ulcers,” said Dengie’s Katie Williams.

    “But it is becoming increasingly apparent that the stresses of many horses’ lifestyles, even those in light work, are also contributing to the problem.

    “Healthy Tummy has been designed so that you can enjoy spending time with your horse doing fun and exciting things, without worrying that you could be compromising their health.”

    It can be fed alone to horses in rest or in light work, and alongside other feeds for those in moderate to hard work.

    Healthy Tummy is available in 15kg bales and has a launch price of £8.99. It will usually cost £10.99.

    For more information visit: www.dengie.com

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