More delights in store in Horse & Hound magazine every Thursday

  • It’s Thursday and of course, every rider’s priority today is diving into their favourite magazine and tucking into the delights within.

    But now, dear reader, were it actually possible, there are even more reasons to peruse the pages.

    Eventing legend Mary King, Dressage Olympian Laura Tomlinson and top show horse producer Robert Walker are joining our stable of columnists, and you can also enjoy a new training feature and the work of two talented illustrators, who will be providing cartoons every week.

    H&H editor-in-chief Sarah Jenkins said: “Horse & Hound has, for a very long time — 135 years shortly — produced news and reports extensively and extremely well. In the digital age, magazines that are providing insight not available elsewhere are still a necessity, but they are also by their nature a luxury to be indulged in — like a good book in a hot bath.

    “While we continue to bring our readers complete coverage of the best events throughout the year, and of the hunting season, while instigating change in the horse world through our news pages, we appreciate readers also look to magazines for a little escapism. This is why we have hunted down two extremely talented, creative illustrators who understand our world and the joys and challenges within it.

    “Each week, Emily Cole will be delighting readers with her accurate and funny observations of the horses and riders that add colour to equestrianism with The Final Straw, while Penelope Beech gives her unique and clever take on the week’s news events.”

    Sarah added that she is enjoying working with both artists, and looking forward to sharing their work with H&H readers.

    She said: “Back to the serious job of producing horses, through our new Fix It page we are bringing weekly insight from the best riders in the world as each tackles a problem that will be familiar to many riders. They not only put us straight with their training suggestions, but share how they have tackled the same challenges and topics with their own superstar horses.

    “In addition, we are extremely pleased to welcome to the H&H stable our esteemed new columnists, including Mary King and Laura Tomlinson — not simply Olympians but such loved characters with the greatest of experience and insight to share.”

    Training feature Fix it will feature every week.

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    H&H features editor Martha Terry said: “We know our readers love content on improving their own horses’ way of going, so I am really excited by this new series, where we pitch a common problem to a top-level rider and ask them how they would ‘fix it’. Whether you want to know how to speed up across country, teach your horse to pick up his hindlegs over an oxer or achieve true self-carriage, we’ll be covering the issues that nearly every rider battles with at some point.

    “It’s a really easy read, with tips, advice, instruction and even examples of how the superstar rider has coped with the problem with their own top horses — that has to be encouraging. Almost as good as a lesson with a celebrity coach!”

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