Dealer jailed in cruelty case

  • A Surrey horse dealer has been sentenced to serve eight months after being convicted of causing unnecessary suffering

    Reigate Magistrates Court sentenced Fred Harber, of Careys Wood, near Horley, Surrey. He was given two months imprisonment for each of the four horses to run concurrently, and banned from keeping horses for 10 years.

    The sentence followed complaints to the ILPH from members of the public in April 2001 about the emaciated state of horses in a field near Gatwick Airport.

    Field officer Ted Barnes who investigated said “I am extremely pleased with the court ruling, this sentence is sending out all the right messages. Mr Harber has been flouting the horse welfare rules for many years. The severity of the sentence reflects the crime. It’s a pity that more courts don’t give prison sentences for this level of animal abuse.”

    RSPCA Inspector Mike Harley added, “I was absolutely appalled at the dreadful way in which these animals were being looked after and have rarely come across so serious a case of neglect during my time with the society.”

    The four horses – Scarlet, Jemma, Jessie and Reg – were severely emaciated and riddled with lice. They were taken to Cherry Tree Farm, the ILPH Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre, near Lingfield in Surrey.

    Scarlet, Jemma and Reg recovered well and are now back in work and Ian Gibbs, the centre’s manager is confident that they will soon be ready to go out to suitable loan homes.

    Sadly however, Jessie was put to sleep on veterinary advice. She was suffering from mouth abscesses and despite undergoing extensive dental work she was unable to eat properly.

    For more information on the International League of Horses click here to visit their website www.ilph.org

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